Not Meant to Stay

I had been on this fast disintegrating planet for more than three decades. And through my angst ridden existence I have come to learn, and acknowledged that there are certain things or people that may come into our life but sadly they are not meant to stay.

Such painful realization just hit me lately (what an irony!)  after so many years of experiencing, and even tasting this woeful reality.

It is very heartbreaking. To have something that you want so much in your grasp; to have something you have come to love inside your heart, but then you have to let them go. Because they are not meant to stay.

How do we know? Who has the audacity to tell it to our face:”Let it go. It is not meant for you”. Ouch.

Well, for me, basically it’s the universe that send the signals to tell me it’s not something for me to have. The circumstance that happens will blatantly inform me what I can and cannot have.

What can I do? Tell me, what can I do?

I could gratingly shout my refusal. I could lambast fate for declining to give what I craved for. I could…Oh, I could make an endless list out of this.

Whine as I want for all the world to hear, but it seems I can never do something about it. But what if? What if I will do something about it? What if I just won’t let myself suffer later on? What if I will reject destiny’s verdict? What if I will not let fate make me dwell on “what might have beens” and “what ifs” later on? What if?

Well, that’s a thought I have to reckon with after I posted this.


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